Monday, April 30, 2012

The Mysterious Pontianak

Many have claim to come face to face with an entity which is known to the malays as the Pontianak (Pohn-Tee-Ah-nark). But what actually is this creature...or this female entity?

Many movies were created regarding her and it has become a custom of such to the Asians, especially the Malays.

Legend has it that the first pontianak was actually a human being that was forcefully raped and murdered with her still born child inside of her. She is given life to exact revenge on the male species eventually, especially her tormentors.

How true is the legend and haunting of this mysterious being? Join Shariff as we get to the bottom of this entity that has been terrorizing everyone that crosses her path.

If you have any experience with her, please do not be afraid to tell the tale so we can understand more about this mysterious creature known as the Pontianak.

Join Shariff on the 27th May for this episode.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Conversation with Nigel Tovey

On this episode, Nigel Tovey, a veteran in the pararnormal research realm joins Shariff as they discuss things paranormal and stories and experiences of Nigel's 23 years of paranormal research.

Nigel has been into the prarnomal since he was 14 years. His research involves particularly, EVP reserach and investigations into haunted castles.

In the past, he has worked together with several foreign paranormal and parapsychical grps from Ireland, Australia, US, UK and Sweden.( underground groups). His last work was in 2009 with one of the team of paranormal investigators in Brisbane, Australia where he was taught on data gathering and analysis.

He has been to one of SGHC's Isolatio Challenge Event back in December 2011.

Visit his Facebook.

Make a date with us on the 20th of May, 2012, Sunday at 8p (GMT +8).

Cancellation of this Sunday's show.


This Sunday's schedule show entitled Conversation with Anton Osiris has been cancelled due to Anton's very busy work schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. But do not be dismay; last week's show, The Third Eye Enigma, will be having a re-broadcast later evening, same time, same channel.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bedok Reservoir: The Worst is Over?

The last report of someone that died there was reported on the 29th of January 2012. It was reported on the Sunday Times edition of Straits Times.

3 months have passed and there are, fortunately, no more reported cases of death by drowning or suicide by drowning that came up.

But the mystery remains; 7 deaths in the same location, sometimes the suicide itself happening during broad daylight, might sound the alarm to anyone that has a broad sense curiosity. Why did these suicides happen during the day, when there are many park users around? And for those that died, did they want a kind of intervention in their lives, so as to gain some kind of attention in addressing their problems? Or is there something sinister that is going on which no one doesn't want to talk about?

Join Shariff and Rudy as well as Raz on the 6th of May, Sunday, 8pm as we discussed the issue at hand as well as we recap the key highlights of our investigations held in March 2012. The video and audio data are still in review so please stay tuned for the official release of The Paranormal Show Episode 5 in mid year.

Conversation with Anton Osiris

Anton Osiris, an entertainer and a man of magics, represents the Ministry of Mystery. Magic Man, Mystery Man, Mad Man are some of his monikers that he presents himself to the public.

He incoporates rock/metal music and dark/bizarre themes into his stage shows. His fascination with the occult and the supernatural, which includes the eastern and western mystics, blossomed when he witnessed the possesion of his Aunt in Perak, Malaysia when he was only 12 years old. He claims that he is still fascinated by the supernatural and the mystics ever since that incident.

He will also be discussing about his upcoming stage showDUKUN, which premieres LIVE at the Singapore Expo on the 6th of May 2012.

Join in the discussion with one of Singapore's mysterious, magical, mad man as we pull out skeletons out of the closet!

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