Friday, April 27, 2012

Bedok Reservoir: The Worst is Over?

The last report of someone that died there was reported on the 29th of January 2012. It was reported on the Sunday Times edition of Straits Times.

3 months have passed and there are, fortunately, no more reported cases of death by drowning or suicide by drowning that came up.

But the mystery remains; 7 deaths in the same location, sometimes the suicide itself happening during broad daylight, might sound the alarm to anyone that has a broad sense curiosity. Why did these suicides happen during the day, when there are many park users around? And for those that died, did they want a kind of intervention in their lives, so as to gain some kind of attention in addressing their problems? Or is there something sinister that is going on which no one doesn't want to talk about?

Join Shariff and Rudy as well as Raz on the 6th of May, Sunday, 8pm as we discussed the issue at hand as well as we recap the key highlights of our investigations held in March 2012. The video and audio data are still in review so please stay tuned for the official release of The Paranormal Show Episode 5 in mid year.
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