Sunday, April 29, 2012

Conversation with Nigel Tovey

On this episode, Nigel Tovey, a veteran in the pararnormal research realm joins Shariff as they discuss things paranormal and stories and experiences of Nigel's 23 years of paranormal research.

Nigel has been into the prarnomal since he was 14 years. His research involves particularly, EVP reserach and investigations into haunted castles.

In the past, he has worked together with several foreign paranormal and parapsychical grps from Ireland, Australia, US, UK and Sweden.( underground groups). His last work was in 2009 with one of the team of paranormal investigators in Brisbane, Australia where he was taught on data gathering and analysis.

He has been to one of SGHC's Isolatio Challenge Event back in December 2011.

Visit his Facebook.

Make a date with us on the 20th of May, 2012, Sunday at 8p (GMT +8).
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