Monday, April 30, 2012

The Mysterious Pontianak

Many have claim to come face to face with an entity which is known to the malays as the Pontianak (Pohn-Tee-Ah-nark). But what actually is this creature...or this female entity?

Many movies were created regarding her and it has become a custom of such to the Asians, especially the Malays.

Legend has it that the first pontianak was actually a human being that was forcefully raped and murdered with her still born child inside of her. She is given life to exact revenge on the male species eventually, especially her tormentors.

How true is the legend and haunting of this mysterious being? Join Shariff as we get to the bottom of this entity that has been terrorizing everyone that crosses her path.

If you have any experience with her, please do not be afraid to tell the tale so we can understand more about this mysterious creature known as the Pontianak.

Join Shariff on the 27th May for this episode.
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