Saturday, May 26, 2012

Don't Drag the Furniture: Strange Noises in HDB Houses

Below are some of the newspaper clippings that I have managed to sift through the internet. These two clippings are related to tomorrow's topic of discussion. Tune in tomorrow, 8pm (GMT +8).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

TPS LIVE: Strange HDB Noises, 27th May 2012, 8pm (GMT+8)

Singapore is an island country with a limited lan space. Most of the locals are apartment dwellers, living in government built HDBs (Housing Development Board) apartments.
There have been many stories that speak of noises; noises such as falling marbles, sounds of furnitures being dragged across the floor and many more.

What could all this noises be? Could there be a rationale explanation or a logical explanation to all this weird noises?

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Postponement of tomorrow's show.

The LIVE show with Nigel Tovey has been cancelled due to Shariff not being available.In the mean time, why don't you listen to the archived episode regarding the Bedok Reservoir Suicides!

Listen to the Bedok Reservoir Suicides now!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pontianak Pictures

This post is in relation to TPS LIVE: The Mysterious Pontianak, 13th May 2012.

Pontianak Sighted in Tampines
Pontianak sighted somewhere in Tampines. Any readers that recognize this location, please post your comment.

Fake? Captured in Malaysia

A meeting of students. 

TPS LIVE: The Mysterious Pontianak Tonight at 8pm

Do not forget to tune in tonight to The Paranormal Show LIVE as Shariff will be discussing on the mysterious Pontianak and many more.

'I thought I saw a pontianak': Long-haired woman gives cinema patron a fright
STOMPer zuluzul20 got a shock when he saw this long-haired woman at Lido Cineplex.

Said the STOMPer:

"LOL! This woman scared the hell out of me. 

"I thought it was some pontianak in the day but when I heard her talk, it pretty much proved she was not."

Sunday, May 06, 2012

TPS LIVE 6th May Tonight!

Besides our discussion on the Bedok reservoir suicides, Shariff will also be updating on the recent weird images found on Google Maps. And a few UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects). The reports are below:

Google Map shows mystery pyramid at Bedok Reservoir

STOMPer Behappier was puzzled to see a mystery pyramid at Bedok Reservoir when he was using the Google Map app on his smart phone.

The STOMPer wrote:
"Google Map shows a mystery pyramid at Bedok Reservoir.
"This is scary.
"I wonder if this has any meaning."
Previously, other STOMPers reported 'UFO' sightings in Joo Chiat Road andWoodlands Avenue 3 on Google Map.
Another 'UFO' sighting on Google Maps -- this time at Woodlands Ave 3
STOMPer Sean was surprised to find a mysterious object captured on Google Maps, that seemed to be hovering in the sky at Woodlands Avenue 3.
Another STOMPer, Iceblast, previously made a similar 'UFO' sighting on Google Maps when he searched for Joo Chiat Road.
STOMPer Sean said in the latest email that came in yesterday (April 9):
"Well, a mystery dot was spotted inside Google Maps for Android. 
"I suppose that is a UFO.
"This can be found on Google Maps, Woodlands Avenue 2. Can anyone tells me what this is?"
Google Maps picks up 'UFO' in sky at Joo Chiat

STOMPer Iceblast says he spotted a strange object in the sky in this picture of Joo Chiat Road on Google Maps's Street View. Is it a bird, a plane, or something else? You decide.

This is not the first time unusual pictures have been found in Google Map's database. Netizens had previously reported finding eerie 'cloudwalkers' in a Street View picture.
The STOMPer wrote:
"Is this a UFO in Singapore?
"I was seaching in Google Maps for Joo Chiat Road, and saw this object in the sky."

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

dukun 3.avi

A preview of Anton Osiris's DUKUN which will be LIVE at the Singapore Expo this Sunday, 6th May 2012.