Sunday, June 03, 2012

TPS LIVE: Fear of Ghosts, 8pm (GMT+8)

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The fear of ghosts in many human cultures is based on beliefs that some ghosts may be malignant towards people and dangerous (within the range of all possible attitudes, including mischievous, benign, indifferent, etc.).

The fear of ghosts is widespread even in post-industrial societies. Philosopher Thomas V. Morris wrote:
"...I am perfectly aware that the fear of ghosts is contrary to science, reason and religion. If I were sentenced to spend a night alone in a graveyard, I should already know that twigs would snap and the wind moan and that there would be half-seen movements in the darkness. And yet, after I had been frog-marched into the graveyard, I should feel a thrill of fear every time one of these things happened..."

Join Shariff as he delves deeper into the understanding of the unnverving fear that almost everyone has; the fear of ghosts!
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