Monday, December 10, 2012

Season 4 is upon us!

  I know that we at SGHC have been too quiet lately. Well, we have a few updates for those that are about to forget about us. But!

   Before we go on with the updates, I, Shariff, would like to personally apologize for being dormant. It's not that we have disbanded. It's not that we have lost our interest in the paranormal. It's not that SGHC is dead. We are alive and breathing and currently, honestly, we're a bit busy with our working life.

   Someone's getting married. Rudy is busy with work. Raz is going for a holiday in the Phillipines in January. And myself, I am busy with home and pursuing my other interests, namely, I am going to start schooling again. Well, that is the least of our worries...

   Anyways, we have a few updates in store for you all.

  Firstly, we will not be using Vimeo as our video host anymore. We find that Vimeo brings us lesser viewers, unlike Youtube, hell; it is a household name! Don't believe me? Go ask your neighbor's kid.

  Secondly, I am very busy in salvaging the leftovers of our recent investigation into the Bedok Reservoir suicides. I know that promises are meant to be broken, but, with my fingers crossed, I hope to release the video by February soon.

  Thirdly, we have run out any interesting new leads to investigate. It is not that the ghosts have gone home back to whence they came. It is just that...well...we have no new places to investigate. This is where you, our fans and friends, come into play.

   We need new sources. You know how our hearts are aching for another shot at storming a haunted place with our devices and gears and all.

  So until then, please remember - oops! Almost forgot about this: Our main site,, has been shut down. we no longer require such a fanciful and expensive website and so we're sticking to this good ole Blogger platform! We're kinda old fashioned, ya know.

  So until next time, keep tuned in to us and as always, Happy New Year and Happy Hauntings!
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