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Supplementary Reading to the Bedok Reservoir Episode

Faiz interviews the volunteers.

  Just for the record, SGHC has never investigated an area that is as huge as Bedok Reservoir. We were quite under-manned that night but thankfully, Faiz and Raz got some help from their friends during the night's investigations.

  The delay in the production of this Episode was basically due to my busy work schedule and so I was unable to edit the video on time. We would like to apologise to the fans for this untimely delay.

  Anyways, this Episode will be the last one for Season 3 (2011 - 2012). Concurrently, the upcoming Episode is considered a Season 4 Episode.

  Since the first case of death by 'unnatural causes' that took place on October 31st, 2010, there is a spate of more related incidents that occurs within a span of 2 years. (2010 - 2012).

  Let me quote a news report by Channel News Asia on the event itself:

   Body found in Bedok Reservoir Park

By Joanne Chan | Posted: 31 October 2010 1504 hrs

SINGAPORE : A body was discovered in a wooded area in Bedok Reservoir Park on Sunday morning.

Police responded to a call at 7am about a man found lying at the top of a hill, just metres from a trail and near Block 742 Bedok Reservoir Road.

An eye-witness who called the MediaCorp hotline said his family was jogging at the reservoir when they came upon the body.

The man, who was wearing an orange shirt and grey shorts, was pronounced dead by paramedics at 7.25am.

It is believed there was a cable tied around the dead man's neck.

Police have classified the case as an unnatural death and investigations are ongoing.

  There was not much information found in the news report and thus it is not known whether that deceased was a victim of his own demise or he died due to murder.

  Now let me bring your attention to the many suicide cases that has been reported up until today.

Suicide No.2: 20th June 2011, Deceased: Lin Xiao

Half a body found floating in Bedok Reservoir By Wayne Chan | Posted: 20 June 2011 1529 hrs

Suicide No.3: 10th October, 2011, Deceased: Raman Selvam

Another drowning at Bedok Reservoir   

Suicide No. 4: 22nd September, 2011, Deceased: Tan Sze Sze, Jerald Chin.
Mother, Son Found Dead in Singapore's Bedok Reservoir

Suicide No.5: 25th October, 2011, Deceased: Chinese Female
5th death at Bedok Reservoir in 5 months: Body of old woman found at infamous spot

Suicide No.6: 5th November, 2011, Deceased: Chinese Male

Sixth body found in Bedok Reservoir


Suicide No.7: 28th January, 2012, Deceased: Unidentified Male

Unidentified male body found in Bedok Reservoir

Suicide No.8: 2nd September, 2012, Deceased: Unidentified Male

Another body found at Bedok Reservoir


Suicide No.9: 2nd September, 2012, Deceased: A 74 year old man

2nd body at Bedok Reservoir on same day -- making it total of 9 deaths in area so far

  The ninth body was that of a 74 yr old man. He was not found dead in the waters but on a park bench. Let me quote a news report from the same news site:

A spokesperson from the police said:

"Police received a call yesterday at about 1.59 pm informing us of a man found unresponsive on a bench at Bedok Reservoir Park.

"Upon police arrival, the body of a 74-year-old man was found motionless on the bench at the said location.

"He was subsequently pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene.

"Police are investigating the unnatural death."
  All of the above cases were classified as 'Death by Suicide' or as the Police states it, 'Death by Unnatural Causes', except for the first incident in 2010 and the death of the 74 yr old man. Police has not yet published any reports pertaining to the 7 cases which involves a dead body in the waters. So why does SGHC is keen in 'jumping' into Bedok Reservoir?

  What caught my attention was not the 'Headlines' found in the news, but, a group of paranormal investigators known as Singapore Haunted. They published an episode that shows their lead investigator, Noel Boyd (he has left the group since), trying to communicate with the spirits of the dead mother and son. Now, I won't say that the evidence is credible enough, as is the case with most paranormal investigation videos, which are normally subjected to scrutiny.

(Source: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/this_urban_jungle/806380/eerie_crying_voices_heard_at_bedok_reservoir_are_they_of_mum.html)

  In my conclusion to that night's investigation, and after gathering all the facts, I believed that Bedok Reservoir might be haunted, or cursed, as well as it might not be so. Sometimes it is best that a mystery should be left as it is.

  To end this subject matter, I would like to say thanks to those that has helped us out that night. Bedok Reservoir is such a huge place for SGHC to cover on all grounds.

From left to right: Rudy Emcee, Hafiz, 'Unknown', Shah, Mus, Faiz Bustami, Zhan, Razali
Photo shot by Shariff
Episode 5 can now be viewed via this link: http://youtu.be/HgZEPal8ecI
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