Sunday, January 13, 2013

Truth is larger than Fiction

Just because you turn the video into monochrome, does it make it look like you're using 'Infra-red'? Stop fooling us. The eyes tells a larger truth than the falsity of what they are trying to convey.

Disclaimer: This is a personal post of Shariff and whatever is mentioned here does not portray the opinions of the entire SGHC Crew.
  Come now it is a fact that no matter how many of us, try as we might to deny it, that many pranormal shows purportly 'set-up' their videos to make it look as if that a certain location that they are investigating is actually haunted.

  And they would go to great lengths to fake it. We all know too well of the many groups here in Singapore that seeks nothing but publicity rather than the Truth. What I am writing here is not a personal vendetta, but to awaken many of the people that seems to believe whatever they see on the Internet or on their TV without subjecting everything to scrutiny. Sometimes, the set up is so plain obvious! As I am writing this blog entry, I was watching a few episodes by a number of local 'Paranormal Investigations'groups. I do have to say I am ashamed that they have abused or rather, bastardized this word. Are they really 'investigating' the paranormal or are they just out to fool you? There is 'real' professionalism that is attached to the word. Use it wisely! Rather, call yourself a 'Ghost Hunter' than a 'Paranormal Investigator'. Just because they brought along a few 'macho', 'scientific' devices to impress themselves and the viewers, rather than using it to its full potential, they are now considered 'Paranormal Investigators'.

  Get this straight; What is the use of being a 'Paranormal Investigator' if you are afraid of being alone while doing it? Do you need to bring in so many crew members just to investigate a small office which is claimed to be haunted by its previous tenants? What is wrong with this picture? Stop selling us out people!

  I am not writing this to tell you how great SGHC is. Some of you might have watched our videos and some might comment on them and some might not bother to do so. That is fine.You know why I said so? Because a minority of the people would not even bother going through the whole video, trying to understand the information that is being met out. Some of you, would rather fast forward the video to the part where the actual investigations starts. And some of you are pretty disappointed that there are no real ghosts making any appearances in almost all of our Episodes, you thought that it would just be like what you see in the Movies (And you thought for a second that 'Paranormal Acitvity was real!).

   Well folks, I am sorry to burst your bubble, but this is how REAL paranormal investigations are: 99% chances of 'ZERO' activity on every investigations, be it moving objects, visual appearances, hell, sometimes you can be investigating the place for a whole night and nothing shows up. Not even EVP (Electro Voice Phenomenas).

   So at the end of the day, please do not associate us with any other paranormal groups that rather go for publicity rather than the Truth. In every aspect of our lives, the Truth will always be the opposite of what we want to 'believe' in. Truth, as they say, always hurts. Just like in the movie 'A Few Good Men'. Jack Nicholson told Tom Cruise," You can't handle the Truth!" Our society, basically having some Asian heritage attached to it, and it is due to this fact that many of us succumb to what our forefathers and even parents taught us from the day we are born. Psychologically, we are rife with 'Taboos' and 'Superstitions'. Now, I will not talk about it here.

    Anyways, to all our Fans and Friends who have been with SGHC all these while, thank you for your support and you know which if the groups out there are 'credible' and which of those out there are 'Incredible'.

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