Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Teban Railway Tunnel Investigation Update

  What significance does a certain location holds that deems itself as a 'haunted' location? is it the feeling you get when you are there? Or is it the unexplained breeze that brushes against your skin, forcing the hairs to stand? Or could it be more sinister as in this case that we are investigating? Sinister you say? Yes. Khairuldin, who went the for some 'ghost hunting' expedition was possessed by an unknown entity. I have seen the video myself but unfortunately, we can't show it to anyone that is reading this post.

Shariff prepares to face the Tunnel for the 2nd time.
  We have no solid information regarding the history of this Tunnel which is located in Teban Gardens. But one noticeable thing is that there was an indent on the ground an this is where the old KTM railway track runs through. So I believed, without a shadow of a doubt, that this tunnel was a railway track that runs under the big intersection between Jurong Town Hall Road and the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE).

Faiz, Raz and Abdillah chatting in the background as Rudy snaps this photo of me.
  So having said all that, I am writing this post regarding our 2nd investigation of the Tunnel. Why did we return here? The first investigation wasn't so satisfying. There were a few incidents from that night but we decided to return there again. We also took this opportunity to 'train' ourselves in conducting an investigation since we always seek improvements in our methods and style of working. 

From left: Raz, Abdillah (guest), Shariff and Faiz while Rudy is shooting this scene.

Rest assured, the 2nd investigation proves to be a much more 'rewarding' experience for us and we had some baffling paranormal events, such as the one Rudy and I had that night. 

  Anyways, please stay tuned for the release of the Teban Railway Tunnel Episode and keep spreading the word about us. Do not forget to watch us in action on YouTube and LIKE our videos and keep the comments flooding in!

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