Sunday, May 26, 2013

Abandoned House at Dairy Farm

We went out for a short trip to a location in Dairy Farm Road on a hunch by Rudy.

What happened was, Rudy and Harry Ex of T.O.S.S. had a stakeout there one night to explore the place. They claimed that while they're there, both of them heard a soft moaning, female voice.

Rudy recalled,"It was so faint, and it sounds like as if someone was crying."

But, unfortunately, they did not record the incident on video or on any sound recording equipment.

SGHC will be pursuing this mystery and for any you that have any information regarding this place, please help us out by contacting us and sharing your knowledge about the house. We will also like to invite Harry Ex to come down on that night itself.

Anyways, on a side note, the Teban Railway Track Tunnel investigation is still being processed and our heart goes to Raz for having to painstakingly bear the burden of reviewing 6 hours of audio recordings.

Stay tuned!

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