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Shariff's Vlog @ Teban Gardens Estate

  The Teban Railway Tunnel Haunting Episode is still undergoing meticulous editing and voice-over work. While we are busy editing it, do you mind sharing your experiences or any stories of ghostly sightings of the Pontianak that has been seen loitering around the area.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

View Road Hospital - Is It Really Haunted?

View Road Hospital, 2007.

"Previously known as “Batu Rimau Gurkha”, the building was allotted by the British Bases Conversion Unit to the Ministry of Health around the late 1960s to early 1970s. In 1969, as Woodbridge Hospital reached a peak of 2,654 average daily occupancy and there was a need to relieve overcrowding at the hospital and the location of the serene surroundings of the building made it ideal for the Ministry of Health to set up a secondary institution there."

The picture you see above was the night that Shariff and Idah first started out on their many adventures into the Paranormal. That is the picture of the View Road Hospital.

  On 15th August, 2007, I was invited by my wife's Uncle, Mr. A (not his real name), for a round of 'Weekend Ghost Hunting Adventures' with him. You see, Mr. A is a medium. He can talk with spirits, good and bad (as he claimed he is). he is also able to seek out and point out to us ( to our bewilderment) the exact location of the spirit that he claimed to be seeing!

During that night, a couple of us (not me) saw one of the swings...move! Just today, we found out that the swings are gone. To the scrap yards, perhaps?

  Let me just tell you that I have searched for some scraps of information from the Web, and I did come across discussions from forums and stories from blogs of the hauntings there. I myself, until today, will not and can never forget the powerful, flowery scent (frangipani? I don't really know how it smells like; my own fart, I do!) when we were about to leave the place. The aroma was lingering right above us amongst the trees, nearer to the entrance, which a double-swing gate stands.

  Someone in the group whispers,"Shhh! Not a word! We do not want to alarm it!". I guess that is the usual reaction we Asians have been accustomed to when any of us sense something out of the ordinary.

  Today at 530pm, Rudy, Idah, Helmi of T.O.S.S., and myself, head down to the now abandoned (Again!) View Road Hospital. We got this information from our good friend from ONe North, Andrew Him, that the place which was used as a Foreign Workers' Dormitory for a short while, was left to ruins again. of course, being a Paranormal Investigator myself, who would've pass such a great opportunity!

  I do want to gain or collect some good evidence of the hauntings there, like EVPs and such.

  Unfortunately, upon reaching the place, as it has always been in Singapore with regards to abandoned places, the entire building was locked down. There was no sign erected whatsoever so we had to look for another way around.

  But wait, I will not spoil the whole detail of our adventure on that day. We will, hopefully, release an Episode on it. :P

  The purpose of me writing up this blog is simply this: I want to share the history and common haunting stories/hearsay about it.

"View Road Hospital was a little known mental hospital located in Admiralty. A subsidiary of Woodbridge Hospital, it was opened in 1975 and closed in 2001.
Most famous Ghost Story: The mental patients, when alive, were trapped in the hospital. Their spirits, likewise, were unable to escape from the building.
Current Condition: Has been converted into a foreign workers’ dormitory called View Road Lodge."

Cited from: Remember Singapore.

  Well, as I have mentioned above, the place is no longer a Dormitory. It is empty now.


  Why was the place empty once again? What could have happened? Were the workers told or moved somewhere else since there are no more construction projects for them? Did the owner or leaser could no longer afford to pay for the place? Or was it...(you guessed it) haunted?

  Now let us see what some of the netizens have to say about View Road Hospital and its many tales of haunting...

"In June 1972, the building was handed over to Woodbridge Hospital. Concrete plans were then put in place in July 1973 to convert it into a secondary mental hospital. The hospital was officially completed on 27 May 1975 and commissioned on 1 August 1975. The first batch of patients were admitted to the hospital on 4th August 1975. In 1990, the hospital began to take in female patients and the next year saw the hospital undergoing major renovations. By 1994, there were close to 294 patients housed at the hospital.
In 2001, the hospital ceased to operate."

Many sites claimed its haunting but no solid stories are found.

    ""Seriously that place is guarded but not by human. There are several motion sensor installed and camera. If targeted, it will activate the alarm and in no time security officers [with dog] will come and take note of your identity. If you are unlucky the police will be called and put you in 3 yrs probation.

Somehow the security officer claimed that building was no mental hospital. It used to be a British Hospital and then became a Vietnamese Virgin Camp where many girls committed suicide. We actually have some doubt about what place it used to be.

Anyway I already warned you [the supernatural you gonna experience are the security officers] and if anyone still insists, then good luck."

Quoted from another site, what they mean by "[the supernatural you gonna experience are the security officers]" is that people will see watchmen guarding the place but there is no real watchmen actually. they are usually supernatural beings:

"Anyone been there? Surrounded by trees and very deserted roads.

There're a few swing chairs, 3 levels, big place, deserted place, gate locked.

I went there 2 years ago, sunday, lunar calendar 7th month day 7, the day believed to be the most 'scary' day when all the ghosts are stronger and very evil. I went there with a group of friends, we thought nothing unusual would happen.

But then....we saw a watchman that time, HE started talking with us, and opened the locked gate for us, he talked with us in some kind of funny funny language, none of us knew what was that language, but surprisingly, we understood what he was trying to tell us.

We didn't freak off on the spot, but then when we thought really freaked us off.

It's a deserted place, why would the gahmen employ a watchman?
The watchman spoke alien language, why did we all understand what he said?
We saw him watering the field, how come there's water supply there? (he used a water pipe)
All my the other friends who had been there before, all said they saw no watchman."

Spooky eh?"

Quoted from

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Amityville Haunting 1979

One of the most baffling photos to have ever been captured.

The first time that picture was shown was on the Merv Griffin show back in 1979. It was discovered 3 years after it was taken. Gene Campbell, who was a professional photographer, was brought into the house in 1976 when the Warrens went in with their team. He set up an automatic camera on the 2nd floor landing that shot off infrared film, black and white, throughout the night. There are literally rolls of film with nothing on them.

There's only one picture of the little boy. In 1979, I was putting together a book that has yet to be published that included the photographs. The secretary I had at the time was about eight months pregnant. We had dozens of these pictures to choose from that didn't have the boy, and she asked me: "Which one should we put in the book?" I told her to just pick one. She came running back into my office about 5 minutes later saying that every time she picked up the photograph with the boy, the baby kicked her. We then asked my kids if they knew who this was. Missy said it was the little boy she used to play with in the house. I then called the Warrens and the photographer and let them know about the picture."

Signals - EVP Theory

The paranormal field is in a state of high flux right now. With the traditional scientific community largely ignoring the field, now is the time for an educated hobbyist to really make their mark.

Thus, I am always happy to see people with scientific training to step forward with their pet theories about anything paranormal. Mr. Calek, fortunately, has a good amount of training in physics. He also has a long standing interest in the paranormal field stemming from a childhood experience with malicious spirits tormenting his family. This book is, therefore, an unlikely mix of physics, auto-biography, and demonology.

I have to hand it to the author for providing one of the best explanations of the physical descriptions of higher dimensions that I've ever read. It is accessible to most laymen, and is easily the best part of this book.

From there, Calek pulls no punches from showing the pain in his personal life. It is a mixture of horror, insanity, and sorrow few would want to experience first-hand. He also shares a bit about his rounds in the music business.

The ending of the book delves even further into the theoretical than the first. Calek makes some assertions that, it must be remembered, may only explain a limited number of paranormal phenomena-particularly those associated with demonic cases. I found this part of the book to be the most frustrating, because I found myself wanting more evidence to back up his assertions.

Which, as it turns out, is exactly what the author intended. Calek has published this thin tome precisely to bring his theories to a wider audience; so that they can be put to the test by as many people as possible.

If you are only looking for a collection of ghost stories or the like, there is only a little here that you would find entertaining (but the stories he relates sure are creepy).

This book is more suited to those with a serious interest in the paranormal; and particularly those who seek to use science to explain paranormal phenomena. For those people who investigate the unknown, this book is a must.

"A dark journey through the heart of physics and paranormal research delivers a new EVP theory to challenge all known systems."

Get it here.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fan submitted photo

One of our fans, John (not his real name), an SAF driving instructor, was involved in a night training exercise in Mandai. He already knew of the many sightings in the training area, which were reported by the trainees and instructors alike, sightings of the Pochong (shrouded ghost) and of the Pontianak. Many claimed to have seen a white figure or a piece a white cloth-like entity dashing or flashing right past them.

There are also claims of seeing a person's double or dopple-ganger, walking about the area while the actual person is actually somewhere else!

Now in these two photos sent in by John were taken with a camera phone. We do not claim that the photos are solid or objective evidence or the said entities. John also did not declare that these photos are the actual entities.

In the background where the white object is at, are bushes and trees. The white object could also be the by-product of the lights coming from the trucks. 
It could also be a tree stump.

Well, what do you think it is?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ghost Tour One 2013

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