Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fan submitted photo

One of our fans, John (not his real name), an SAF driving instructor, was involved in a night training exercise in Mandai. He already knew of the many sightings in the training area, which were reported by the trainees and instructors alike, sightings of the Pochong (shrouded ghost) and of the Pontianak. Many claimed to have seen a white figure or a piece a white cloth-like entity dashing or flashing right past them.

There are also claims of seeing a person's double or dopple-ganger, walking about the area while the actual person is actually somewhere else!

Now in these two photos sent in by John were taken with a camera phone. We do not claim that the photos are solid or objective evidence or the said entities. John also did not declare that these photos are the actual entities.

In the background where the white object is at, are bushes and trees. The white object could also be the by-product of the lights coming from the trucks. 
It could also be a tree stump.

Well, what do you think it is?

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