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An End to An Indestructible Haunted House

"We suffer primarily not from our voices or our weaknesses, but from our illusions. We are haunted, not by reality, but by those images we have put in their place.
Daniel J. Boorstin, American Social Historian and Educator, 1914

The Mathilda House. One of the most notorious haunted places in Singapore. Is it?
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There are many locations in Singapore that are supposedly haunted. For instance, the infamous Old Changi Hospital is amongst the most prominent 'magnet' of any ghost/paranormal enthusiast. Speak of it, and you will get many accounts of haunting and sighting, experienced either by the ones citing the tales of someone they know.

The place came to the point of notoriety when plans by the Government to tear it down was stalled by many mishaps that happened to the assigned contractor. Incidents like failed machinery, even reported deaths of two foreign workers as they attempted to demolish the place. This give rise to rumours of the house being indestructible, and those who have such ill intentions of destroying it, will face a similar fate as those two foreign workers. How true this is, I do not know. I tried to scour the Internet for the old newspaper sources and this and unfortunately, the search was fruitless.

Now back to my story. I was on the way to my father-in-law's place in Punggol from Kaki Bukit and as usual, I will use the road that runs behind the main road which was nearer to the TPE (Tampines Expressway). 

I was quite surprised to see that part of the Mathilda House was in plain sight and I couldn't resist talking a few shots of it on my Sony Xperia. As what can be seen from these two photos, what is left of the place are the beam structure and most of the concrete walls and tiled roof has been removed. 

View from the main road
The photo above shows you exactly where I stopped to take a quick snap of the place. As it shows in this photo, it is currently surrounded by high-rise apartments.

A zoomed in photo of it
So, what exactly is going on here? Is it haunted as many have claimed it to be? It might be though. Maybe a medium or group of 'bomoh's chased the spirit or whatever entity that resides in that place, out?

I have not a clue.

But what I am sure of is this: the place is being redeveloped by a construction firm. More details here.

I just hope the spirit won't exact revenge on the new residents here!

Come to think of it, what a sad sight!

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